‘La Cage Aux Folles’ TV Spot

This television spot was produced as part of the promotional campaign for Graham Norton’s West End debut in ‘La Cage Aux Folles’.

TBG Digital Seminar Coverage

Visual coverage of digital advertising agency TBG Digital’s breakfast seminar event showcasing emerging trends in social media marketing.

Shift Happens Conference 2010

As part of the coverage of Pilot Theatre’s ‘Shift Happens’ Conference, we created a streaming video presence for their presentations.

DVD feature

For the DVD release of the 1985 television miniseries of Jeffrey Archer’s ‘Kane and Abel’, we produced an interview with the book’s author.

‘Carousel’ Archive

This archive recording of the recent West End revival of ‘Carousel’ was commissioned by the show’s producers to be a visual record of the production.


A short film about a man dying to get rid of his hiccups.
Directed by Nick Reed and starring Ewen Macintosh and Tom Hollander.